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"He's like the Michael Bay of Audio Dramas." 
-Andres De La Torre


Sound is absolutely my jam. From Sound Design to on set recording, to Foley and Audio Dramas, I adore sound. You want some crazy explosion or things that go whoosh, I got you covered! I've been Nominated for several awards based on my Audio Work. And my skills are just not limited to post production audio.     

Audio Dramas

I put this in its own special category because making a film and making an audio drama are two completely different beasts. When it comes to Audio Dramas, I have been responsible for nearly every duty you'd find necessary to make it happen, Directing, Writing, Producing, Performing, Mixing, Sound Design, Foley. You want an Award Nominated Audio Drama showmaker, look no further.

"Overall, solid performances, good direction, clever writing, and inspired sound effects make this an enjoyable listen."  
-AudioFile Magazine
Audie Nomination.png

Nominated "Best Original work"

Magus Elgar

Audies 2019

Foley Art

"Kennedy Phillips is one of our best alums."  
-Harry Cheney, Chapman University

To have an ear for Foley is a very hard thing to discover. Effectively, you're making a living banging pots together! I've worked on countless projects providing Foley ranging from puppet shows, to full on animations and features. I have access to a few Foley Stages all over Orange and Los Angeles County. I even manage to record solid audio from my office at home.





Scarlett 2i2

Pro Tools

Adobe Audition

Recording Booth

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